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Jupyter Python Comm implementation, for usage in ipykernel, xeus-python etc.

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  • Homepage, https://github.com/ipython/comm
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  • traitlets>=4
  • pytest; extra == 'test'
requires_python >=3.8
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It provides a way to register a Kernel Comm implementation, as per the Jupyter kernel protocol. It also provides a base Comm implementation and a default CommManager that can be used.

Register a comm implementation in the kernel:

Case 1: Using the default CommManager and the BaseComm implementations

We provide default implementations for usage in IPython:

import comm

class MyCustomComm(comm.base_comm.BaseComm):
    def publish_msg(self, msg_type, data=None, metadata=None, buffers=None, **keys):
        # TODO implement the logic for sending comm messages through the iopub channel

comm.create_comm = MyCustomComm

This is typically what ipykernel and JupyterLite's pyolite kernel will do.

Case 2: Providing your own comm manager creation implementation

import comm

comm.create_comm = custom_create_comm
comm.get_comm_manager = custom_comm_manager_getter

This is typically what xeus-python does (it has its own manager implementation using xeus's C++ messaging logic).

Comm users

Libraries like ipywidgets can then use the comms implementation that has been registered by the kernel:

from comm import create_comm, get_comm_manager

# Create a comm
comm_manager = get_comm_manager()
comm = create_comm()