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Typing stubs for setuptools

  • License :: OSI Approved :: Apache Software License
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3
  • Typing :: Stubs Only
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license Apache-2.0 license
  • GitHub, https://github.com/python/typeshed
  • Changes, https://github.com/typeshed-internal/stub_uploader/blob/main/data/changelogs/setuptools.md
  • Issue tracker, https://github.com/python/typeshed/issues
  • Chat, https://gitter.im/python/typing
requires_python >=3.8
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Typing stubs for setuptools

This is a PEP 561 type stub package for the setuptools package. It can be used by type-checking tools like mypy, pyright, pytype, PyCharm, etc. to check code that uses setuptools.

This version of types-setuptools aims to provide accurate annotations for setuptools==70.0.*. The source for this package can be found at https://github.com/python/typeshed/tree/main/stubs/setuptools. All fixes for types and metadata should be contributed there.

See https://github.com/python/typeshed/blob/main/README.md for more details. This package was generated from typeshed commit f7c03486ee01c8ea74823db75e017341bf3c2ad0 and was tested with mypy 1.10.0, pyright 1.1.364, and pytype 2024.4.11.