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A modern CSS selector implementation for Beautiful Soup.

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Soup Sieve


Soup Sieve is a CSS selector library designed to be used with Beautiful Soup 4. It aims to provide selecting, matching, and filtering using modern CSS selectors. Soup Sieve currently provides selectors from the CSS level 1 specifications up through the latest CSS level 4 drafts and beyond (though some are not yet implemented).

Soup Sieve was written with the intent to replace Beautiful Soup's builtin select feature, and as of Beautiful Soup version 4.7.0, it now is :confetti_ball:. Soup Sieve can also be imported in order to use its API directly for more controlled, specialized parsing.

Soup Sieve has implemented most of the CSS selectors up through the latest CSS draft specifications, though there are a number that don't make sense in a non-browser environment. Selectors that cannot provide meaningful functionality simply do not match anything. Some of the supported selectors are:


You must have Beautiful Soup already installed:

pip install beautifulsoup4

In most cases, assuming you've installed version 4.7.0, that should be all you need to do, but if you've installed via some alternative method, and Soup Sieve is not automatically installed, you can install it directly:

pip install soupsieve

If you want to manually install it from source, first ensure that build is installed:

pip install build

Then navigate to the root of the project and build the wheel and install (replacing <ver> with the current version):

python -m build -w
pip install dist/soupsive-<ver>-py3-none-any.whl


Documentation is found here: