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devpi-server: reliable private and caching server

  • Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable
  • Environment :: Web Environment
  • Intended Audience :: Developers
  • Intended Audience :: System Administrators
  • License :: OSI Approved :: MIT License
  • Programming Language :: Python
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3 :: Only
  • Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP
  • Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: WSGI :: Application
  • Programming Language :: Python :: Implementation :: PyPy
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3.7
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3.8
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3.9
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3.10
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3.11
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3.12
keywords pypi realtime cache server
license MIT
maintainer Florian Schulze
  • Bug Tracker,
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  • py>=1.4.23
  • httpx
  • argon2-cffi
  • attrs>=21.3.0
  • defusedxml
  • devpi_common<5,>3.6.0
  • itsdangerous>=0.24
  • platformdirs
  • pyramid>=2
  • waitress>=1.0.1
  • repoze.lru>=0.6
  • passlib[argon2]
  • pluggy<2.0,>=0.6.0
  • ruamel.yaml
  • strictyaml
  • lazy
requires_python >=3.7
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devpi-server: server for private package indexes and PyPI caching

PyPI cache

You can point pip or easy_install to the root/pypi/+simple/ index, serving as a transparent cache for pypi-hosted packages.

User specific indexes

Each user (which can represent a person, project or team) can have multiple indexes and upload packages and docs via standard twine or invocations. Users and indexes can be manipulated through devpi-client and a RESTful HTTP API.

Index inheritance

Each index can be configured to merge in other indexes so that it serves both its uploads and all releases from other index(es). For example, an index using root/pypi as a parent is a good place to test out a release candidate before you push it to PyPI.

Good defaults and easy deployment

Get started easily and create a permanent devpi-server deployment including pre-configured templates for nginx and process managers.

Separate tool for Packaging/Testing activities

The complementary devpi-client tool helps to manage users, indexes, logins and typical upload and installation workflows.

See on how to get started and further documentation.


If you find a bug, use the issue tracker at Github.

For general questions use GitHub Discussions or the mailing list.

For support contracts and paid help contact mail at


6.11.0 (2024-04-20)


  • The devpi-fsck script now returns an error code when there have been missing files or checksum errors.

  • Fix #983: Add plugin hook for mirror authentication header.

Bug Fixes

  • Preserve last modified of docs and toxresults during export/import.

  • Fix #1033: Use int for --mirror-cache-expiry to fix value of proxy_cache_valid in nginx caching config.

6.10.0 (2023-12-19)


  • Use Authorization header instead of adding username/password to URL when fetching from mirror.

  • Fix #998: Use the pure Python httpx library instead of aiohttp to prevent delays in supporting newest Python releases.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix #996: support hashes other than sha256 in application/vnd.pypi.simple.v1+json responses.

  • Only compare hostname instead of full URL prefix when parsing mirror packages to fix mirrors with basic authentication and absolute URLs. See #1006

6.9.2 (2023-08-06)

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent duplicates when adding values to lists in index configuration with += operator.

6.9.1 (2023-07-02)

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent error in find_pre_existing_file in case of incomplete metadata.

  • Fix #980: Remove long deprecated backward compatibility for old pluggy versions to fix error with pluggy 1.1.0.

6.9.0 (2023-05-23)


  • Support export directory layout for --replica-file-search-path option.

  • Fix #931: Add mirror_no_project_list setting for mirror indexes that have no full project list like google cloud artifacts or if you want to prevent downloading the full list for huge indexes like PyPI.

Bug Fixes

  • Keep a reference to async tasks to avoid their removal mid execution.

  • Support changed default of enforce_content_length in urllib3 >= 2.

  • Fix #934: Properly set PATH_INFO when outside URL is used with sub-path.

  • Fix #945: Adapt FatalError to be usable as an async HTTP response when updating a project on a mirror.

  • Fix wrong hash metadata introduced in 6.5.0 for toxresults which prevents replication. The metadata can be fixed by an export/import cycle.